Your children will be immersed

in the friendly & welcoming culture that Ireland is famous for

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Life long friends

fun memories & improved English guaranteed!

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Our Programs

High School Programs

Duration: September to June

Ages: 12 to 18 years old

The High School / Academic year programs are the most comprehensive and successful way for young boys and girls to learn English in Ireland. The students attend local public or private schools for a full academic year from September to June, while living with local Irish families.

Your children will not only improve their English, but they will be immersed in the friendly and welcoming culture that Ireland is famous for. They will gain new levels of maturity and independence and develop their passions for academia, culture and sport and acquire lifelong friends and social skills.

What WE do for you:

  1. Help and advise you to choose the correct school and academic year plus location that is right and best suited to your child.
  2. Choose the BEST family for your child. Experience and kindness are the 2 most basic and natural qualities that we pride ourselves in with our IRISH Families.
  3. Individual Orientation and personal preparation for school and family environment. Prepare and reassure for full immersion into Irish family life and school.
  4. Guidance in choosing extracurricular activities in or outside of school. Joining sports clubs or teams like local Soccer, Tennis, Basketball or Rugby.
  5. 24-hour co-ordinator guardianship GUARANTEE
  6. Weekly/monthly visits with students and families with gentle and practical help with adjustment in IRISH life and school.
  7. Monitoring and reporting to parents on academia and personal development.

What you pay for:

  1. Place in a Public or Private School
  2. Full board and accommodation in Irish Host family
  3. 4 Airline tickets Sept/Dec and Jan/June.
  4. Books
  5. Uniforms
  6. Lockers/journals
  7. Irish sim card and number
  8. Airport Transfers


Summer Programs

Duration: 4 weeks in July

Ages  12 to 18 years old

For most of our students, our summer program is a child’s first time away from home without their family. It is often their first experience of other cultures. As a result this program is designed to be inclusive and action packed. We help our students build their social confidence through fun group activities. Students will also experience the cultural side of Ireland through group trips around our most famous attractions and historical sites.

  • 1 full day group trip around Ireland each week.
  • After classes every day, students enjoy group based trips, activities and sports.
  • All classes are divided into appropriate age and ability levels.
  • All levels of English are catered for and practised in both a school and home environment.
  • We provide all transport to and from the host family every day. (Students will not use public transport).
  • Every student receives breakfast, lunch and dinner and there is also the use of the school restaurant for other cultural diets.
  • We provide all course material.
  • We award end of course certificates.
  • Life long friends, fun memories and improved English guaranteed!